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Newsletters are considered influential marketing tools, but with the right strategies at the right time, they can also be converted into income generators. While newsletter monetization can be tricky, these proven methods will help you get rolling with the process and assist you in generating profit from your newsletter.
An email newsletter is a compelling medium to engage with customers, target the right audience, and boost lead-to-customer conversion rate, and it should be created by keeping these goals in mind. Here’s how focusing on these 11 points can get you started on creating a perfect newsletter and help you to gain and retain valuable customer
There are many balls to juggle when starting an email newsletter. You must adhere to email rules and proofread the text, make compelling calls to action, design the email for a variety of inboxes and devices, and create clickable subject lines. You can also use newsletter creation apps such as Goodbits to create customized newsletters. 
Implementing marketing automation to your business model benefits lead generation, boosts sales, and performs a detailed analysis of your marketing strategies, and it does so by customizing your emails, generating relevant content, building perfect landing pages for your site, and increasing your social media presence.
As some DIY platforms would have you believe, creating the ideal email is not simple. More than just urging readers to get eye exams is included in an email newsletter. So, you have to put your trust in a platform like 'Goodbits' that gives you access to design letters that brings more readership. 
While email newsletters are efficient marketing channels for growing a business, they can also provide you with monetary benefits when structured wisely. This article introduces a step-by-step approach for beginners towards building a newsletter that depicts your brand voice and can also help you generate some stable income.
Make way for the ultimate canine fashion statement, the poodles!

Poodles are one of the oldest dog breeds, dating back to 15th century Germany. They were originally bred as water retrievers, and their dense, curly coats were designed to keep them warm in cold water. Poodles come in many sizes and colors, from tiny teacup poodles to giant standard poodles and from solid black to white with multicolored markings.

Not only are they intelligent, but poodles are also athletic and excel in all types of canine competitions. These smart dogs can be trained to do a variety of tricks, and some have even been trained as service dogs.  They’re also known for being loyal and loving companions who form strong bonds with their humans.

Isn't it amazing how such a small animal can be so full of personality?

If you want your beautiful furry friend to be this week's pupper, tweet us a photo of him/ her, and don't forget to @ us! We are DYING to meet them!!
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